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magnetic,without magnetic

Author:Ms.Sysyy Liu Date:6/26/2012 8:18:48 PM

Stainless steel with magnetic and without magnetic: 
Various kinds of stainless steel, according to the organization structure under normal temperature can be divided into several categories
1, austenitic size: such as 304, 321, 316, 310, etc.
2, martensite or iron grain size: such as 430, 420, 410
Austenitic bodily form are no magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite or the ferrite is a magnetic. 3 d nets technology BBS mechanical car catia | pro/e | ug | inventor | solided, Usually used as decorative tube sheet austenitic stainless steel most is the shape material 304, are generally no magnetic or weak magnetic, but for smelting cause chemical composition fluctuation or processing state may also appear different magnetic, but it can't think is fake or not qualified, what reason is this? Above mentioned austenitic is without magnetic or weak magnetic, and martensite or the ferrite is with magnetic, because when smelting composition segregation or heat treatment undeserved, can cause the austenitic stainless steel 304 a small number of martensite or ferritic organization. So, 304 stainless steel of the magnetic with faint. In addition, 304 stainless steel after manufacture, the structure of the organization to martensite transformation will also, cold deformation degree, the bigger the martensite transformation, the more the magnetic steel is bigger also. As a group, with steel, production Φ 76 tube, no obvious magnetic feeling, production Φ 9.5 tube. For bending deformation is a magnetotactic ling was obviously some, production party for deformation rectangular tubes than pipe is big, especially fold horn section, deformation more intense magnetic more apparent. To eliminate the causes of the 304 steel magnetic, but through high temperature solid solution processing open restore stability austenitic organization, which eliminates the magnetic. Special to propose is that, because it causes 304 stainless steel magnetic, and other stainless steel material, such as 430, carbon steel is not the same level of magnetic, that is to say 304 steel magnetic always show is weak magnetic. This tells us, if stainless steel belt weak magnetic or completely without magnetic, should be discrimination for 304 or 316 material; If the magnetic with carbon steel, show strong magnetic material 304 for not because of discrimination.