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Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped

Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped
Product name:Pneumatic Reversal Valve Square-Shaped
Application:It is widely applied to many fileds,such as beer,beverage,dairy food,fruit juice,pharmacy,biological etc.
Working principle:Remote-controlled operation by the driving gear or manual operation by handle 
Advantages:New type of sanitary reversal valve has more safeness,cleaness,durability and aesthetic property.
Material Quality Stainless Steel SS304,SS316L
Size: DN25~DN100,25.4MM~101.6MM
Seal Silicone,EPDM,NBR,PTFE All seal  materials comply with FDA177.2600
Temperature -10 Celsius Degree~+150Celsius Degree
Pressure 0bar~10bar
Connection Welded,Clamped,Threaded,
Internal Surface <=0.8um
Exterbal Surface <=1.6um
Max.Particle Size 0.01mm
Operating Mode Manual,pneumatic
Max.Oil Content 0.08ppm
Max.Water Content 7.5g/kg
Pneumatic Head Torque 40nm
Usage Life Pneumatic>=500 Thousand Times
Seal<=100 Thousand Times
Compress Air Connection Furnish Air Pipe With Air Connector R1/8"
Drawing Data For DN Pneumatic Reversal Valve
Size D*T H L L1
DN32 35*1.5MM 427MM 58MM 79MM
DN40 41*1.5MM 427MM 58MM 79MM
DN50 53*1.5MM 446MM 59MM 94MM
DN65 70*2MM 493MM 79MM 113MM
DN80 85*2MM 579MM 84MM 129MM
DN100 104*2MM 680MM 131MM 160MM
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