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SMS Union

SMS Union SMS Union SMS Union SMS Union
Product name:SMS Union
Application:It is widely applied to many fileds,such as beer,beverage,dairy food,fruit juice,pharmacy,biological etc. 

Machine Processing:We are applied to the most advanced CNC machine from Japan for processing

Union Parts:Liner,nut,male and gasket.

Technical Data:
Standard SMS,3A,DIN11850,DIN11851,IDF,ISO
Material Quality Stainless Steel SS304,SS316L
Size: DN25~DN100,19MM~102MM
Seal Silicone,EPDM,PTFE.All seal  materials comply with FDA177.2600
Temperation -20Celsius degree~+135Celsius degree
Pressure 0bar~10bar
Connection Welded
Shape Round,Hexagon
Internal Surface <0.8um
Exterbal Surface <1.6um

Drawing Data For SMS Round Nut
Size A G D5 C
19MM 18MM RD34*1/8MM 44MM 25MM
25MM 20MM RD40*1/6MM 50MM 32MM
32MM 21MM RD48*1/6MM 60MM 40MM
38MM 22MM RD60*1/6MM 72MM 48MM
51MM 22MM RD70*1/6MM 82MM 60.5MM
63MM 25MM RD85*1/6MM 97MM 76MM
76MM 26MM RD98*1/6MM 111MM 87MM
89MM 28MM RD110*1/6MM 125MM 98.5MM
102MM Small 30MM RD125*1/6MM 138MM 112MM
102MM Big 30MM RD132*1/6MM 145MM 117MM

Drawing Data For SMS Male
Size A G D5
19MM 16MM RD34*1/8MM 19.1MM
25MM 17MM RD40*1/6MM 25.4MM
32MM 18MM RD48*1/6MM 31.8MM
38MM 20MM RD60*1/6MM 38.1MM
51MM 20MM RD70*1/6MM 50.8MM
63MM 24MM RD85*1/6MM 63.5MM
76MM 25MM RD98*1/6MM 76.2MM
89MM 26MM RD110*1/6MM 88.9MM
102MM Small 27MM RD125*1/6MM 101.6MM
102MM Big 27MM RD132*1/6MM 101.6MM

Drawing Data For SMS  Liner
Size A D5 D1
19MM 11MM 19.1MM 30.8MM
25MM 12MM 25.4MM 35.7MM
32MM 12MM 31.8MM 43.7MM
38MM 12MM 38.1MM 55.7MM
51MM 12MM 50.8MM 65.7MM
63MM 14MM 63.5MM 80.7MM
76MM 14MM 76.2MM 93.5MM
89MM 14MM 88.9MM 105.5MM
102MM Small 17MM 101.6MM 120.5MM
102MM Big 17MM 101.6MM 127.5MM

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