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CTriclamp Sample Valve

CTriclamp Sample Valve CTriclamp Sample Valve CTriclamp Sample Valve CTriclamp Sample Valve
Product name:CTriclamp Sample Valve
It is widely applied to taking sample from pot body or pipeline under aseptic condition,and can conduct sterilization treatment before and after sample taking each time.

Performance and merit:
In every sampling conducted before or after sterilizated to prevent the secondary pollution.
Steam or alcohol can be used for in situ-sterilization.
Diaphragm replace the seal ring structure.no dead ends,more through sterilization
Outfall increased so that dirt  can removed in time after the sterilizaton 
Adjustable sampling can achieve a lot  of samplng and micro-sampling.

Technical Feature:
Gasket:EPDM,Silicone,Viton,PTFE in accordance with FDA 177.2600
Max.temperature:120Celsius degree
No. Description Material
1 Valve Body SS304,SS316L
2 Closed Pad EPDM
3 Valve Shaft SS304,SS316L
4 Outlet Sleeve Silicone
5 Spring SS304
6 Spring Sleeve SS304,SS316L
7 Nut SS304
8 Handle SS304
9 Handle Locating Sleeve SS304
10 pad SS304
11 Inner Socket Blot SS304
12 Spring Pad 65MN
13 Gasket PTFE

Drawing For Clamp Sample Valve:
Size H D2 B L1
1/2" 89MM 12MM 50.5MM 52MM

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